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Paul Taylor: Dance Maker 
Directed by Matthew Diamond
98 Minutes

How does a 22-year-old with little training come to assemble a dance company that grows to international acclaim? Innate talent brought him to the attention of Martha Graham, and soon after, Paul Taylor assembled his own company and set out to translate his personal vision to the stage. It was to be one long, arduous road, as this film reveals. 

Nominated for a Best Documentary Oscar in 1998, the film won kudos from both film and dance critics alike. Through interviews with dancers, colleagues and critics the filmmaker looks back at Taylor's career. Archival footage shows the choreographer in his prime. A perfectionist, he drives his dancers to the breaking point and beyond. One minute easy-going and witty, he turns mean and manipulative when he perceives weakness. His work, too, is alternately lyrical and dark. And his dances have won critical acclaim from even the most jaded critics. 

Forty-four years after its inception, the Paul Taylor Dance Company is one of the premiere modern dance troupes and Taylor has been called (Newsweek) the "greatest living choreographer".

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